Our Process

We followed a systematic approach to software development and web design. After years of successful implementations, we have solidified our 5-step process to which all of our software projects utilize. Those steps include requirement gathering phase, design phase, implementation/testing phase, delivery and on-going maintenance.

Requirement Gathering

Requirements analysis is usually the first part and most critical step to the success of a web design and/or software development project. This is the overview process that helps our consultants see the big picture of the project and understand which steps will be needed to be carried out. In this phase, our sales team communicates directly with the clients or prospective clients to analyze market requirements and features that are in demand.

A comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs and documenting the requested features of the proposed project are the key deliverables in this phase. This process may include a single meeting, on-site client visits or brief email/phone communication.

Design and UI Prototype

In this phase, our web designers and architects develop the base architecture and structure needed to fulfill the requirement of the projects. We gather notes from the requirement gathering phase and translate them into a technical document outlining exactly how the solution will look and operate. This is the step in the process to where our consultants get to be creative and deliver our remarkable designs.

Implementation (Coding) and Testing

The goal of this phase is to build the requested solution based on the specifications developed in the previous phases. Our software consultants start the coding to build the actual solution.

Our consultants verify that the solution fulfill all of the client’s requested features, functionality and retest for bugs in an iterative process. In the end, our clients get an innovative solution built with the latest technology specifically designed for their usage.

Release, Delivery and Installation

Our consultants deploy the delivered solutions and track all deliveries against a set of agreed milestones and project goals.

On-going Maintenance

We offer several maintenance plans to ensure our delivered solutions are current, up-to-date and evolve as your business rules grow.  As your business or organization grows, so do the business needs and rules of your software solutions. Read more on about maintenance plans.