Website Branding

Successful branding helps position your organization in the minds and thoughts of potential and existing customers. Your brand is what identifies your company against many other companies; it’s what set you apart. A company’s branding needs to be strong, consistent and deliver the powerful message.

Your branding strategy (logo, color schemes, website, advertising, print ads, etc.) are all intended to communicate to your valuable customers the goals and focus of your business.

Branding is critical to the success of every business. When you think about Coke, Pepsi, Ford, Proctor Gamble,  and McDonald’s,  what do you think? All of those great companies have embraced a strong branding strategy. At, we utilize our proven branding methodology to ensure our customers are properly positioned in their respective markets. Branding Methodology

Our branding methodology takes a look at your business from every possible angle to develop your company’s branding. Below is a brief overview of the areas that our brand consultants explore:

  • Business Overview – 360 degree view of your business, goals, product offerings and services.
  • Internet / Web Marketing Goals – What is the overall goal of your brand strategy and marketing plans?
  • Industry – Who are the top competitors? Are there any barriers to entry?
  • Target Market Overview – Who is the target market, age range, desires, etc?
  • Competitive Advantage – What separate your company from the competitors? What is the core advantage in your products and services?
  • Competitive Positioning Strategy – What’s the best strategy to separate your company from the competitors?
  • Customer Mood and Sentiments – What, why and how are your customers purchasing? What is the current mood and sentiment?

The idea budget amount that should be allocated towards our branding strategy is $1,500 – $2,000. Note: this service is normally bundled along with our website design packages.

Contact us today to discuss how our brand consultants can help build your company a strong brand.